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Long Lasting Ice Cubes In A Small Footprint – A Pratico Kitchen Silicone Ice Cube Tray Review

IceCubeTrayWhen it comes to choosing the right kitchen ice cube tray, most of us do not give them a second thought until you find yourself in need of one. My husband and I recently found ourselves in this situation when the ice maker in our existing fridge stopped functioning.

Ice water is one of our go-to beverages throughout the day, and we go through our fair share of ice cubes, particularly on the weekend, so we soon found ourselves searching the house for the old ice cube trays that we knew we had at one point.

After searching all the cabinets, we were only able to locate one tray, when I could have sworn we had two at some point, but one ice cube tray was of course better than nothing. Needless to say it was not long before we found out that that one tray could not supply the amount of ice that we would go through on a daily basis, so the quest was on to find an additional ice cube tray.

We do not have a whole lot of space in our freezer, so I had wanted to find one that would not take up too much space while still providing a fair amount of ice cubes. I knew that silicone was now a common material used in bakeware, but I was not aware that it was now being used to make items like ice cube trays, so when I found the Practico Kitchen Silicone Ice Cube tray I had to give it a try. IMG_0634[1]

When it first arrived at my home, the silicone ice cube tray was just as I was expecting, and I couldn’t wait to try it out. So my husband filled it with water and the wait began. The tray measures only 5.6″ x 5.6″ x1.6″, and makes a total of nine 1.4″ cubes of ice.

My husband was the first one to test the removal of the ice cubes from the new tray, and since neither of us had ever really had any form of experience with any type of silicone bakeware, his first impression of this silicone ice cube tray was that it was a bit strange, and felt a lot like “giving birth to an ice cube.” After a comment I had to try myself, and yes I had to agree with him, it did feel a lot like giving birth, since a small amount of force from the bottom of the tray was required until the ice cube was finally released from its hole.

Then came time for the true test, how long would the ice cubes really last with normal use. My husband and I usually fill up our glasses of ice water right before dinner, and with the traditional sized ice cubes from the standard plastic trays, the ice is commonly melted by the end of the meal, and that is without the help of warm summer temperatures.

IMG_0635[1]We each took three of the ice cubes from the tray, and filled our glasses with water. I will have to say that we were both quite surprised to find that these ice cubes did not finally melt until it was time to go to bed. On a normal weeknight, that is about a three hour time frame, that with traditional ice cubes would have required we refill at least once.

I would like to note something a bit strange that we have begun to notice with this ice cube tray in the past week. A plastic almost vinyl like taste has begun to appear in the water after the ice cubes have melted, and becomes more pronounced as the water gets warmer.  We did not notice this taste at all when we first started using the ice cube tray, and I cannot say for sure if this is a problem with the product itself, or if it is an effect of whatever chemicals and treatments are done to our city water. I think it could potentially be from our water, as we already have issues in our only 8 year old home with the water eating/dissolving anything that is rubber. Rubber gaskets in our sink faucets have completely disintegrated in such a short amount of time, which leads me to think it could potentially be something in the water reacting with the product and not the product itself, but I still wanted to disclose it on the off chance someone else may have experienced a similar issue.  We are currently testing with store bought filtered water to see if this remedies the problem.

Overall, I am very happy with the Practico Kitchen Silicone Ice Cube tray. It delivers bigger ice cubes than the traditional ice cube trays, which eliminates the need to keep refilling your glass every time the ice melts. Although we have experienced a taste issue, I highly doubt it is due to the product itself, and should not discourage you in any way from trying this silicone ice cube tray for yourself.

NOTE: I received the Practico Kitchen Silicone Ice Cube tray mentioned in this silicone ice cube tray review at a discounted rate in exchange for my unbiased review. All opinions and experiences with this product are my own.