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Final Wrap-Up of the Smiley360 Arm & Hammer Baking Soda Spring Cleaning Mission

IMG_0706[1]While it feels like it was just yesterday when I wrote the first post for this awesome free product test from Smiley360, evidently time has flown by much faster than I could have ever expected as apparently a month has come and gone in the blink of an eye. Needless to say between work, and all my other side projects, the small amount of free time that I have on the weekends has come and gone, and I have not accomplished anywhere near as much as I had hoped.

With the upcoming closure of this mission on May 9th,  I just wanted to provide my readers with some of the great cleaning uses that I learned with the help of this Smiley360 mission. The remaining weeks in this mission were dedicated to the laundry room, bedroom, as well as other general household cleaning tasks that can apply to almost every room in the hIMG_2065[1]ouse.

Since I do not have kids, only pets, and we are a non-smoking household, there are only a few of the remaining tips that I plan to try and use in the future. First, lets take a look at the Laundry Room. Having used a lot of Clorox 2 in the past, mostly as a laundry booster, than for actual stain removal, I never really thought to use Baking Soda for this purpose.  I already plan to use this tip with my sheets and towels, and you can’t beat the cost savings of a box of IMG_2066[1]baking soda to the cost of the Clorox 2 and saving money is always a win in my book.

The next tip, which I had some experience with many years ago, yet completely forgot about was its use as a carpet deodorizer. While I do not have any kids, I do have three cats and one dog, and with that comes a variety of odors. Our dog has unluckily gotten tagged a few times in the past by a skunk, and sometimes no matter what you do, faint odors like that, as well as those from cat vomit can tend to linger, so I will definitely be using this tip in the future.

Next came tips for the general household. At first I didn’t think I would find any of these tips IMG_2067[1]useful, until I found the one about freshening the closet. Due to the fact that we have pets, the door to our closet constantly remains closed. Since that is where all our shoes reside, as well as our laundry hamper, a musty smell can linger from time to time. I have tried a variety of different air fresheners in in the past, which included the little lavender satchels, and even the little gel balls that are supposed to absorb odors. Of course those seemed like they masked the smell more than removed it so I will definitely use Baking soda in the future.

Lastly came the tips for freshening your home from all those pet related odors, and with the IMG_2068[1]three cats and one dog, we definitely have our fair share. While two of our litter boxes are automatic, the third one is still manual because one of our kitties is quite finicky and he will not use the automatic ones. I am definitely going to try the baking soda tip in his litter box to help to help cut down on the stinky odor. I also plan to use it as a laundry booster for the pet bedding that goes through the wash, as we have had issues in the past with a few of the kitties having accidents and urinating on the beds instead of in the litter box, and while I have used other cleaning solutions to resolve those smells, I think that the baking soda will be the perfect boost to leave everything smelling fresh and clean.

Those are my go to Arm & Hammer Baking Soda cleaning tips. If you happen to have any tips that I did not cover in this post, I would love to hear about them in the comments below.


Week 1 of the Smiley360 Arm & Hammer Baking Soda Mission – Spring Cleaning the Bathroom

IMG_0706[1]When it comes to cleaning my home, I am always on the lookout for products that will make keeping my home looking good a relatively simple process. As a pet mom to three cats and one Mini Schnauzer, I am in no way a neat freak, because as most pet parents know it is next to impossible to keep your home pristine whenever furry four-legged kids are involved.

In recent years I have been trying to transition to using more natural products, so I couldn’t help but sign up for the Arm & Hammer Baking Soda Mission offered by Smiley360 when it was offered to me. If you have never heard about Smiley360 then you have been missing out. It is a free program that allows you to test various products in exchange for providing your unbiased experiences with the product on social media sites.

As you can see from the photo I just received my Arm & Hammer kit, and this is the first week of spring cleaning mission, from 3/15 – 3/28, and the first room in the house that I was to tackle was the bathroom. I have to say that cleaning is one of my least favorite tasks, so finding tools or products that make the task of cleaning as quick and simple as possible is a must for me.

Smiley360 provided me with a handy little booklet complete with tips for spring cleaning the bathroom. I will say that until I received the invite for this mission, I never really thought of using baking soda as a cleaning product in my home. I remember when I was younger that baking soda was commonly used as a refrigerator deodorizer, but most commonly used in baking. I have spent large sums of money on cleaning products each year, and have never actually given a second thought to using something from my pantry.

IMG_0707[1]The tips for bathroom cleaning were actually quite simple. I do not have a shower curtain in my home, so I was unable to test that, but I do have a tub and two sinks, so I decided to tackle the Surface-Safe Cleaning tip first.

While the guide mentioned to use a sponge, I slightly modified this tip by using a microfiber cleaning cloth, and went to work on my tub first. A weekly ritual for me is to soak in the tub with one of my favorite bath bombs from Lush, and the bombs do sometimes leave a bit of colored ring around the edge of the tub. I wet the microfiber cloth, and added the Arm & Hammer baking soda, and went to work. It took a very short amount of time to clean the tub, and the baking soda left everything smelling nice and fresh, with no chemical residue left over.

My next attempt was to clean the sink of soap and toothpaste residue. I used the same process to clean the sink that I had used on the tub, and I have to say that cleaning with the baking soda was quicker than with any other cleaning product I had used in the past. I did not tackle the tip of cleaning the bathroom floor, as that is a more involved cleaning process than I was ready to deal with.

Of the four tips provided in the booklet, the last one I tried was drain deodorizing. Since I had just cleaned the sink, it made logical sense to deodorize the drain as well. I only poured a small amount of baking soda down the drain, not the 1/2 cup that the instructions requested, so I am not sure if the deodorizing will work as well as it should. Drain odor has never been a major issue in my home, so I don’t expect to notice much of a difference.

Out of all the tips provided in my Smiley360 booklet, I would have to say that my favorite tip thus far is the surface-safe cleaning. I have always spent money on products like Mr. Clean, Pine Sol and the like just to wipe down the surfaces of my tub, shower and sinks, never realizing that baking soda could be used for the same task at a third of the cost. Moving forward I will definitely opt to clean with baking soda from now on and the money that it will save me is just an added bonus in my book.